About Us

Formed in 2006 and based in New Jersey, The Mutt Hut Pet Boutique, L.L.C. has been a lifelong dream come true. As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to open a pet store.

When I was in elementary school all my reports for class were based around animals. In 7th grade our class project was to create a virtual town. The teacher went around the classroom and each student had to chose a business. When the teacher got to me she said, "You are opening the pet shop." So I did...



More recently, I have been inspired by my two dogs. Bella is a Yorkshire Terrier who truly lives up to the title of Diva Princess. Ozzie, a certified therapy dog, was a Cairn Terrier that melted your heart with his charm and love. Seeing them on a daily basis really made me understand that dogs, like you and I, have very distinct personalities. They have different interests, different traits and like different things.


The Mutt Hut Pet Boutique, L.L.C. has been designed with your dog's fashion sense in mind. You like to look trendy and fashionable and so should your dog. Your dog is your most loyal companion, treat him or her like you would treat yourself. The Mutt Hut Pet Boutique, L.L.C. is filled with unique, fun and sophisticated clothes, toys, collars, leads, beds, bowls and more to make your dog feel as special as you.


Thank you for visiting us. Enjoy my website and happy shopping.


Vincent Chisari

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